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Loulou turned to old bungalow architecture for her inspiration, just as she had turned to Indo-Portugese courtyard houses to inspire Panchavatti (Loulou's hotel in Goa listed by Conde Nast traveller as one the 10 best small hotels in India). "For any house, I think what is local is the most beautiful" she says.

Perhaps the most important part of Loulou's house lies outside its walls: the garden. The combination of sunlight, altitude and soil, watered modestly by two distinct rainy seasons has, over nearly two years, transformed the plot into her personal Eden.

Now happily settled in her bungalow, Loulou has broken ground on a larger house up the ridge where she will soon welcome guests, much as she did at Panchavatti-. Designer Loulou Van Damm
Architectural Digest


Set within the 500 acre private coffee estate are 20 acres of exquisitely situated plots waiting to be home to your home. The sweeping views are the perfect setting for a holiday home like no other. Each 20,000 square foot plot benefits from the peace and security of a protected estate.

The infrastructure is excellent with well maintained covered roads, underground drainage, electricity, plentiful pure, fresh water.


The 8 exclusive new bungalows, are to be designed by famed international designer, Loulou Van Damm. The ethos for her elegant and simple approach is reflected in the nearby Rajakkad Summer Palace Hotel (recently featured in Conde Nast Traveller) and also in her own renowned and stunning Palani hill home (recently featured in Architectural Digest and New York Times Magazine)

The requirement of Palani Hills Estates to build all homes utilizing the PHE design model constructed by our experienced engineering team will ensure the aesthetic unity of the estate. Your new home can be built at any time after your purchase is completed and may be customised to your own requirements. We stand ready to advise on all aspects of layout.

Elephant Sanctury near Palani Hillse

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