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House in the Coffee Estates in Palani Hills
Having cut a stylish swathe from Brussels to Bombay, the free-spirited designer and hotelier Loulou Van Damme has returned to her birthplace in the Palani Hills for her latest adventure.

Van Damme sold Panchavatti (Loulou's hotel in Goa listed by Conde Nast traveller as one the 10 best small hotels in India), but she has continued that story at the new guesthouse in the Palani Hills, a two-bedroom cottage that nods to the style of English bungalows and French plantation houses built here during the Raj (the property abutting Van Damme’s is a working pepper and coffee plantation founded by French Jesuits). New York Times Magazine

Let the Palani Hills become your oasis of peace and tranquility. You came looking for an escape from the pressures of urban life. Here, amongst the mountains of Tamil Nadu, you will find it, in the company of other kindred spirits also revelling in the spontaneous joy of a very different and unchanged India.

Waterfalls, towering peaks and precipitous escarpments form the backdrop to a far reaching vista of working farms, traversed by tree hung paths and ancient walkways.

From fruit and spice trees, to fresh herbs and vegetables, to patches of roses and cuttings brought here from across India and the world-"Everything is growing"Designer Loulou Van Damm
Architectural Digest

Here, just an hour from the heat of the plains, the forest becomes a refreshing haven filled with colour, birdsong and cool breezes.

Elephant Sanctury near Palani Hillse

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